About me
apartment for rent montenegro 

About me

I am Capt.Boban, living at the wonderful cute place Utjeha on the coast at Montenegro.

I’d love to host you and show you the real nature, deep crystal blue sea and  romantic beaches.

You’ll love my place - this is apartment with the best sea view in the area.

See you at the apartment Carpe Diem with the best sea view :)

Apartment Carpe Diem                 Open hours: 24h

st.Branka Radicevica 4                  cel: +38269611624 (summer time)

85359 Utjeha Busat                             +38163384862 (winter time)

Montenegro                                  email: info@utjeharent.com

Mediterranean                              www.utjeharent.com

Europe                                         Location: Latitude: 42.008843342° 0' 31.84'' N - Longitude: 19.150194419° 9' 0.70'' E